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book1Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de / Tokuya Higashigawa

[Publisher: Shogakukan]

Yet the world‘s leading large companies daughter nor, occupation is the contents of the incident that Reiko Hosho that rookie detective encounters, Kageyama of Butler is the reasoning just heard an overview of the incident, will lead to the resolution. While incorporating also a full-fledged content of mystery, making it the style that Kageyama of position that butler or vomited invective and verbal abuse to Reiko Hosho, there is also humor feeling that incorporates exchanged interesting form of the Kazamatsuri is boss.

世界的でも有数の大企業の令嬢でありながら、職業は新人刑事という宝生麗子が遭遇する事件を、執事の影山が事件の概要を聞いただけで推理し、解決に導いていく内容です。 本格的なミステリーの内容も盛り込みつつ、執事という立場の影山が宝生麗子に毒舌や暴言を吐いたり、上司である風祭とのやり取りを面白い形で取り入れたユーモアな感じもある作風となっています。


book2Kashiki formula car Vee dance immediately I lose weight! / Kashiki Hiromi

[Publisher: Gakken Publishing]

In a number of the four dance exercise Kashiki Hiromi devised maker of body Mei King of celebrities and popular model, impossible without, just dance fun, feminine beautiful constriction new sense of exercise that can be put in hand the body has been recorded it is a book with a DVD. Even if you failed to various diet until now, when continued fun with shout of sexy movements and charismatic trainer is a popular work.



book3Satiety set meal / Tanita of canteen 500kcal of body fat meter Tanita

[Publisher: Yamato Shobo]

In domestic market share №1 of body fat meter, is the menu book canteen of Tanita topics with employees has been successful in one after another diet. Cooking tips and of that down to maximize the calories, how to bite feeling of fullness and taste up at meet and condiments, such as how to reduce a firm salt in soup, meat fish vegetables also eat plenty, taste and volume as it is of set meal is 31 days recipes.



book4Women’s manager of high school baseball After reading the management” of Drucker / Natsumi Iwasaki

[Publisher: Diamond]

South of women manager of baseball of public high school, to study the work of the manager, it will buy the wrong Drucker‘s management manual to “management”. Content is I regret while puzzled difficult, but noticed that it helps management to strengthen the baseball While we continue reading, based on the teachings of Drucker, the youth story that baseball women managers and colleagues is aimed at Koshien is.



book5Zoku body fat meter Tanita of canteen more delicious 500kcal of satiety set meal / Tanita

[Publisher: Yamato Shobo]

Employees of Tanita, of course, is a book of sequel readers was very popular with the lean one after another of previous work “full meal of canteen 500kcal of body fat meter Tanita“. Was using a lot of vegetables, in healthy cuisine of calories and salt conservative, and 30 recipes with more fish dishes, we have introduced the red lantern recipes 22 dad rejoice.

タニタの社員はもちろん、前作「体脂肪計タニタの社員食堂 500kcalのまんぷく定食」の読者も次々と痩せたと大人気だった本の続編です。野菜をたくさん使った、カロリーと塩分控え目のヘルシー料理に、魚料理を増やした30のレシピと、お父さんが喜ぶ赤ちょうちんレシピ22を紹介しています。

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